Tools for WASH Microfinance and MicroSave jointly developed a series of toolkits to provide information and tools for financial institutions to develop microfinance products for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) investments. The toolkits present essential information, principles and practices for successful development of WASH financial products. They are designed to be applicable across a variety of markets, lending methodologies and business models.

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Toolkit 1: Introduction to Opportunities in WASH Finance

60 pages, no supplementary files


Toolkit 2: WASH Financial Product Development

100 pages, two supplementary files


Toolkit 3: WASH Financial Product Marketing

69 pages, no supplementary files


Toolkit 4: WASH Finance Process Mapping, Risk Management, Pricing, Internal Audit and Controls

77 pages, no supplementary files


Toolkit 5: WASH Financial Product Portfolio Management

36 pages, no supplementary files